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Why Custom?

Life isn’t perfect but your outfit can be

We are Bespoke Tailors not Made to Measure: 

Bespoke clothing is traditionally cut from a pattern drafted from scratch for the customer, and so differs from ready wear OR Made to Measure, which is factory-made in finished condition and standardized sizes, and from made to measure which is produced to order from an adjusted block pattern. Bespoke clothing is a high-quality construction, all the customization can be done as customer requirements as for lapel Size or style. Buttons style and position on the jacket. Hand Pick Stitching, Vent style either Centre or Side or no Vent. Pants style can be pleated or no pleat can be tapered or made as per customer style with their Body Measurements. As we take all body measurements starting from the neck all the way to the bottom. The body is checked for construction of Individual clothing as Shoulders: Either slopping or square. The chest is full or flat. Hips are flat or curved. If an Individual holds his pants low or high in front or back. We follow all the measurements and customer's body Types to construct the best fitting Suit OR Shirts. As to get the best fit and customer's comfort level one or two fittings may be required after the full construction of the suit. And you can choose from around 2000 and more fabrics of Suits, sports coats and shirts. 

 The choices are yours. 

Kubbairs customization process helps you to choose the exact customization that you are looking for in your suits. We will build your suit as per your choice from fabrics, lapels, and pockets to buttons. Suit styles. Bring a sample or an image from online and we will copy the styles for you. 

Endless and Uncountable options 

All the customization options are included in your suit's price. You can personalize your purchase to the very last detail so you will get the exact garment you want. 

Add personal touch 

Craft your name, initials, or personal message and we will monogram it inside of your jacket or blazer. 


The lining adds personality to your jacket. Kubbair gives you the choice of more than 100 colors and patterns, kubbairs linings are durable and will drape the inside of your suit beautifully.